April 16, 2006 Sunday Day 15

Rain and wind in the morning ruins the Easter egg hunt (I was going to hide the fluorescent green golf balls we had collected for the occasion as we walked by the driving range beside the Coyote Creek trail.)
Grey all day
Temperatures wet and cold.
Walked 0 miles, Drove 0 miles

The rain was pouring and the wind howling when we woke up. Six of us huddled in the VW van for tea and coffee and then breakfast. We mused on what Muir would have eaten and drank and talked about. No one knew any of Burn's poems, so we were left just singing songs from musicals like the Sound of Music (.the hills are alive with the sound of wind and rain.)

john muir walkWith no respite in sight, the others braved the raging wind and rain to pack up their tents. They headed home, while we spent the day waiting for the sun to come out so we could begin our backpack across the Diablo range. (Muir and Donna would both hike in a storm, but Chillwell and me are holding out for at least dry weather.)

The storm slacked off later in the afternoon. From a blue horizon just under the billowing black, grey and white cloud-filled storm skies we could see the sun lighting up the cities and fields in the distance below us. The sun never did shine at Coe.