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Unpublished review by Ken Pulvino, John Muir Highway Project, Coulterville, CA.

Peter & Donna,
Things have been so hectic that I just started reading your book this morning after buying it at the Muir Symposium. My undergrad BA was English lit with a special study focus on James Joyce. I love reading and the use of words in our lives. Your simple beginning to the book grabbed me immediately. I read "Both Donna and I grew up next to open spaces," and the connected thoughts took off inside my memory banks. A fun roller coaster ride ensued inside --- within a couple of seconds --- where I saw my childhood of playing in the woods and swamps near our house ( now all developed suburbs ), the Boy Scout summer camps and outdoor merit badges and being out in nature. It was followed by an update to the legacy we seem to be creating for our children --- The Last Child in the Woods ( a good book ) --- where children develop with TV rather than the outdoors as their primary reality generator.
I will now be reading your book quickly on a trip we are making over the next couple of days. Thanks for making the walk, writing the book and humoring my thoughts.
Ken Pulvino, John Muir Highway Project, Coulterville, CA.