John Muir Stone Statue Project

A few years ago, one of our Internet correspondents came up with a great idea:

Plan, create, and fund a life-sized John Muir stone statue.

While there are a variety of bronze, cast metal, and wooden sculptures, and a few stone busts, none are located in a prominent place, nor do they serve as a proper tribute to John Muir.

The John Muir Association, the National Park Service, and the City of Martinez have been hoping to encourage building a new visitor center for the John Muir National Historic Site. If that is ever built, it might be a suitable location for a John Muir stone statue.

We're told that in the art world, sometimes all it takes is an idea like this, and an art college or art department of an university, museum, or other institution may be able to help obtain funding for such an undertaking.

So, if you have such a contact idea, please let us know!

Meanwhile, here is a link to images and information about existing John Muir sculptures:


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