THE TROUT FAMILY- John lived at Trout Hollow with Peter Trout and William Henry Trout. Mary was the house keeper.


 William and Cathrine Trout.

"To start a nice little business like the manufacture of rakes without a knowledge of it, or money to meet the cost, simply studying it out, and inventingamd ,aking cheap machinery to accomplish the work, which successfully met the needs of the trade, and helped carry the family though a severe crisis...was no small accomplishment."

"Also an addition was built which doubled the capacity of the shop, and business was placed on ...a permanent footing"

"Charles Jay and myself formed a new company Trout & Jay to carry on the business of harvest tools and other articles of similar manufacture"


 Harriet "Hattie" Trout

Daughter of Cathrine and William Trout.The Canadian Friends have several letters from Muir to "Hattie"

   The Trout Girls
   Mary Trout
   Peter Trout
   William Henry Trout