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Where have we gone?

The Canadian Friends of John Muir have successfully accomplished their three point mission.

1. We have made the story of John Muir in Canada familiar to the local and the international community.

2. We have had a lot of fun exploring Trout Hollow and Muir's sojourn in Canada

3. We have ended up with a positive balance in the bank.

Thus we have officially terminated the organization. The members are still around and willing to assist visitors to our web site and to our community.

Our bank balance was used to support the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, the outdoor education program of the Bluewater District School Board and the Development of the Trout Hollow trail, a 14 km.trail to Trout Hollow.

Thanks to all for your support.



For infomation email canada@johnmuir.org







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"The world we are told was made especially for man
- a presumption not supported by all the facts."

- John Muir