Cover of Cherry Good's book, On the Trail of John Muir

 On the Trail of John Muir

by: Cherry Good,

Luath Press Ltd, Edinburgh, 2000.

"Like John Muir, Cherry Good is more interested in being out there experiencing it rather than reading theoretical studies. She left an academic career and a cosy cottage for the wide open spaces and hasn't regretted it for a moment. Her comprehensive knowledge of Muir's life and work and her heartfelt admiration for the man himself - his enthusiasm for wild places of the earth - means she is amply qulitfied to follow his trail."

Dr. Good's book is well illustrated and full of excellent maps of places important to Muir. This guide book is an indispensible book for Muir enthusiasits who wish to walk in the man's footseps. It gives an overview of the life of Muir, setting him in a place, a place that moved him, influenced his ideas, was important to his understanding of the world.


19.95 CDN, 14.95 US , 7.99 UK